About Partners For Quality

Race, Diversity & Inclusion




The Partners For Quality family of agencies is proud to have a Committee for Race, Diversity & Inclusion, which promotes a standard ​​​​​​​of diversity, racial equity, and inclusion to ensure that all people thrive in our workforce and communities.

The Committee, formed in 2020, is comprised of staff from all levels at all of our Partners For Quality family of agencies.

Our Committee is dedicated to making equity and diversity a regular part of our daily conversations. Committee members plan and implement diversity celebration events and diversity educational training for staff at all agencies, with the constant goal of improving the culture of our work environment.

Our vision is a culture where every last person has an opportunity to succeed; where every voice is not only heard, but valued; where respect is the norm; where all aspects of diversity are embraced and celebrated; and where the services we provide extend equally to all persons of all cultures and are reflective of the population we support.

     Our Committee initiatives include:

- Working with a third-party vendor to assess the environment of Partners For Quality and its subsidiaries and provide meaningful staff diversity & inclusion training.

- Celebrate Diversity week/month every April.

- Committee Leadership Council meets monthly; full committee meets regularly.

- Subcommittees:
  - Hiring & promotions
  - Celebrating diversity
  - Recruiting to the committee
  - Communications