Allegheny Children's Initiative, Inc.

Service Coordination

parents with daughter in the parkOur Service Coordination program focuses on children with emotional and/or behavioral problems. Our priority is to help you acquire the services and supports your child needs to assist you and your child with any emotional or behavioral challenges. Service Coordinators work with your child in your home, in their school and in your community to find the necessary resources to meet his/her needs.

Single Point of Accountability Expectations:

  • Be the ‘go-to’ resource for your child and your family
  • Assure that there are effective “safety net” resources for your child
  • Clearly communicate to you what you can expect from services and what will be expected of you to ensure proper treatment
  • Assure there is collaborative assessment & cross-system planning with you and your child to meet their needs while utilizing their strengths
  • Prepare for, convene and facilitate service planning meetings and provide follow-up meetings
  • Develop an effective working relationship with you and your child
  • Assist your child in developing and using their natural supports system (church, community, family and friends)
  • Be a persistent advocate for your child and give feedback on systemic problems
  • Provide a consistent and positive outlook toward your child's future which encourages recovery and full inclusion in your community

Eligibility Requirements:

Your child MUST have a mental health diagnosis AND meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Your child and family are receiving services from 2 or more funded programs (Medical Assistance, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Special Education, etc.)
  2. Your child has been recommended as needing mental health services by a local interagency team (which includes county representatives)
  3. Your child is at risk of an out of home placement without services
  4. Your child is returning home from community inpatient unit or other out-of-home placement, including foster care and juvenile court placement
  5. Families of eligible children who are already receiving services

For more information, please contact our Intake Coordinator at (412) 431-8006 or
Allegheny Children's Initiative | 2304 Jane Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15203