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In Home and Community Support Services

Home and Community Habilitation

Citizen Care’s Home and Community Habilitation program offers personal assistance for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to build daily living and social skills. Tailored to each participant, program services may be utilized in the home, in the community, or a combination of both. Citizen Care clients and their families are the decision makers regarding where and how they receive services to best fit their goals and needs. Individuals are paired with an associate, who assists in developing skills necessary  for every day living. This team approach also allows for access to community resources that foster enhanced socialization and independence.

Daily Living Skills

Many adults with disabilities live at home with parents or caregivers.  Citizen Care’s Home and Community Habilitation program empowers adults with the skills they need to eventually live independently  or in a group home setting.

Our participants focus on a variety of daily living skills. They include:

· Health and safety

· Money management

· Hygiene

· Meal preparation

· Choice and freedom

· Hobbies

Community Activities

Independent living is not the only goal of the program. Our clients also gain confidence and independence to engage in the community and access resources and life-enhancing activities. Many of these activities help develop vocational skills while teaching socialization. Our clients take part in many community, recreational and social events, such as: 

· Arts and crafts classes

· Bowling

· Dances

· Going to doctor appointments

· Shopping


Eligibility and Funding

Citizen Care’s Home and Community Habilitation program is open to any individual who is waiver-eligible. The program also provides the option for private pay, for families not yet eligible for waiver funding. Most participants are adults, but children benefit from this program as well.

Success stories:

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