Citizen Care, Inc.

Training and Outsourcing Center

employee in the workshopThe Training and Outsourcing Center focuses on vocational and job training to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through a comprehensive and individualized assessment of work skills, interests and work-related behaviors, targeted job training leads to paid work opportunities in the sheltered workshop environment as regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor. The workshop is tailored to provide support to people who are not yet ready for competitive employment but are working to improve their skills and maximize their level of work performance through paid contract work, with the anticipated outcome of integrated employment in the community.

Contract work, which is obtained from area businesses and industries, includes a variety of packaging, mailing, assembly and rework services, as well as binding and laminating. The diversity of work provides exposure to a wide variety of jobs and work situations within an environment that promotes vocational success. The TOC enjoys a reciprocal relationship with many area businesses, as outsourcing enables companies to be more productive by shipping a portion of their work to the workshop, which provides the participants in the workshop with job exposure, the opportunity to be compensated for working and a sense of accomplishment.

Transitional Services

The Training and Outsourcing Center’s goal is a successful post-secondary outcome for all students. Transitioning from high school begins at age 18, but may depend on the disability and support services required as an adult. The TOC provides work skill training and teaches appropriate work related behaviors. Staff members work with students to identify strengths and weaknesses and define employee goals and aspirations.  For more information about Transitional Services, contact Stephanie DiBiagio at 412-264-5593.

For more information, please contact Julie Bulgarelli at (412) 771-1596 ext. 11 or