Citizen Care, Inc.

Walden Senior Citizen Center

resident working on a puzzleThe Walden Senior Citizen Center enables participants the opportunity to develop hobbies, pursue leisure interests and enjoy interpersonal relationships within a relaxing environment. The program is modeled as closely as possible to “generic” senior citizen centers, with an emphasis on choice. Many senior centers offer simultaneous activities from which one can choose, and this center is structured in much the same way – offering individual choices throughout the day as opposed to a single activity approach to the day. Activity areas include orientation/socialization, physical fitness, nutrition, communication, daily living and special events. In addition, every effort is made to involve people in activities within the local community. Such a multi-dimensional activity model enhances each senior citizen’s opportunities to participate in and enjoy the many experiences life has to offer in an environment that promotes personal choice, optimal satisfaction, and the realization of hopes and dreams. The Walden Senior Center is a dual-licensed older adult living center and adult training facility.

For more information, please contact Julie Bulgarelli at (412) 771-1596 ext. 11 or