Exceptional Adventures

Exceptional Adventures Staff & Board of Directors

Sarah Shultz Blonski

Executive Director, Exceptional Adventures

Sarah holds a Business Degree specialized in Hospitality and Travel – Degree in Airline/Travel.  She is holds a Certified Travel Industry Specialist degree from Indiana University Purdue University. Sarah has been with Exceptional Adventures since 1999 and loves to travel.  Her favorite tours include Las Vegas and Mexico.  Sarah and husband Ron live in the East Pittsburgh suburbs with their son and daughter.

Thomas Weaver

PFQ Parent Board Member; Exceptional Adventures Board Chair

Mr. Weaver serves on the Exceptional Adventures Board. He is the President of Roy F. Johns Associates.

Board Members:

Traci Elder, Secretary/Treasurer

Thomas Weaver

Tom Diecks

Debra Harding


The Partners For Qulity Management Team provides support to all PFQ subsidiary agencies.