Allegheny Children's Initiative, Inc.

Student Assistance Program

Allegheny Children's Initiative provides consultation services in two school districts in Allegheny County: Mt. Lebanon School District and West Jefferson Hills School District. The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to assist school personnel in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, mental health issues and behavioral concerns which pose a  barrier to a student's academic success. SAP aims to help students overcome these barriers in order that they achieve, remain in school and advance.

Students can be referred to SAP by parents/guardians, school personnel, peers or self-referral.

SAP teams will help students find services and assistance within the school, and if needed, in the community. SAP does not diagnose, treat or refer students for treatment. SAP teams do provide students and families with information to make choices that best fit the needs of the student. Parents/guardians are valued members of the SAP team and are a vital part of the process.

Allegheny Children's Initiative SAP liaisons participate in SAP Core team meetings, complete SAP CANS screenings, make recommendations for further assessment (if needed), provide follow-up services for students, co-facilitate SAP groups, provide consultation services, participate in post-vention services and deliver SAP education services.




For more information, please contact our Director of Student Assistance programs at 412-390-3833.  Allegheny Children's Initiative | 2304 Jane Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15203