Coronavirus At-Home Activities

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Partners For Quality family of agencies has helped those we support stay active and entertained.
Exceptional Adventures has created the "Stir Crazy Fun Challenge." This daily activity is distrbuted daily via email to persons supprted - and posted on the Exceptional Adventures Facebook page.
Activities include excercises, brain teasers, coloring, learning popular songs, word searches, mad gabs and more. Below are some images of the persons we support showcasing their skills as part of this fun challenge.

Tic-Tac-Toe                                                  Making faces out of items from nature


Make your own movie ticket             Get to know your staff questionnaire


Making faces out of items from nature         Home made stress balls

Our persons supported, with help of staff, are also learning new songs! Check it out here and here.


Homemade lemon cookies                   Celebrating Ellis Island/the Statue of Liberty



Kentucky Derby day crafts


Dinosaur day - including homemade dinosaur bones


Homemade animal crackers               Celebrating Nurse's Day


Home made bird feeder                            Egg carton train


Doctor kit                                              Rocket ships


Homemade dessert                       Homemade pizza



 Candy Land Day crafts                            Patriotic Rice Jar, Memorial Day



Home made Emojis.



Parking lot Bingo with safe social distancing.


Parking lot Bingo with safe social distancing.